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VICTORIA: Video Analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities

The VICTORIA Project Video Trailer is now available and can be found on the project website at https://www.victoria-project.eu/

Video material collected and analysed by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) has become a critical component in legal investigations following major criminal acts and terrorist attacks.

There is hence an urgent need for efficient tools that can assist the LEAs in their daily video investigation tasks, to help them process the huge volume of video materials with less effort, and find clues and evidences faster. The core technology for such tools is video analytics modules. Analytics modules accompanied by a 4D Crime scene reconstruction and advanced metadata querying mechanism can enable investigators to easily navigate through a vast amount of video materials and strengthen the Law Enforcement Agencies capabilities when doing their job

The 3-year H2020 European project VICTORIA, launched on 1 May 2017, is addressing this need and is developing an ethical and legally compliant video analysis platform (VAP) accelerating the video analysis tasks of Law Enforcement Agencies.