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European Funds

With over 120 Horizon 2020 granted projects, ARTTIC has demonstrated its expertise in supporting organisations from public or private sectors in funding their research and their innovation.

Today this represent 1 500 organisations worldwide, of which 500 are ARTTIC returning clients since more than 30 years.

Horizon Europe

Within Horizon Europe, the new European Union’s framework programme  and other European funding programmes, ARTTIC continues to deliver effective and fficient services for grant applications for:

Calls for projects under the threee pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Excellent Science
  • Pillar 2: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness
  • Pilar 3: Innovative Europe

Specific programmes:

  • EURATOM: Innovative actions in nuclear power and ionising radiation
  • European Defence Fund: Key contribution to Europe’s strategic autonomy, protecting and defending European citizens
  • EU4Health: Significant contribution to the post-COVID-19 recovery by making the EU population healthier, strengthening the resilience of health systems, and promoting innovation in the health sector
  • Research fund for coal and steel: Innovation in Europe in the area of coal and steel
  • LIFE: Focused breakthrough for climate and environment
  • EIC programme (Pathfinder, Transition and Accelerator): Support to top-class innovators, start-ups, SMEs and researchers with bright ideas that are radically different from existing products, services or business models which have the potential to scale up internationally.
  • Innovation Fund: Demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies
  • CEF Programme: Connecting Europe Facility for trans-European infrastructure for Transport, Energy and Digital technologies

European Joint partnerships

Applications to European joint partnerships built on Horizon 2020’s Joint Undertakings (JU) or Contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPP), notably those where ARTTIC has proven track record of success


Clean Aviation (build on CleanSky JU) to accelerate and amplify the impact of the European aviation research and innovation on Energy Union, Mobility Package, renewed industrial policy strategy, EU GHG and air pollution emissions, including for 2050 horizon and noise regulations, tackling energy and climate-change challenges, industrial competitiveness, "first mover advantage" on international markets, and sustainable mobility.

  • Clean Hydrogen (built on FCH JU) to accelerate the market entry of nearly-zero GHG-emission hydrogen-based technologies across energy, transport & industrial end-users, covering the full value chain for competitive hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, ensuring pole position for Europe to realise the potential of hydrogen technologies at scale
  • Integrated Air Traffic Management (build on SESAR JU) to enhance the performance of the Union’s air traffic management system as technological pillar of the Single European Sky (SES) and more broadly of the air transport sector as a whole.
  • Towards zero-emission road transport _2ZERO (built on cPPP European Green Vehicle Initiative) to accelerate the transformation of the road transport system into zero-emission mobility through world-class European research and innovation and industrial system, with a competitive new generation of light weight, energy efficient and affordable vehicles and support measures to facilitate their rapid deployment
  • Mobility and Safety for Automated Road Transport (buit on cPPP 5G, cPPP Big Data, cPPP batteries, ECSEL JU, Shift2Rail JU, SESAR JU) for Long-term framework to the strategic planning of research and pre-deployment programmes for connected and automated driving on roads at EU and national levels in a systemic approach (vehicle, interactions, infrastructure, technical and non-technical enablers and societal impact)
  • Zero-emission waterborne transport (New European partnership) to radically transform inland and maritime waterborne transport, develop knowledge, technologies and demonstrate solutions that will enable zero-emission shipping for all ship types and services. It will contribute to further reinforcing Europe’s global leadership in green shipping technologies. This will create a foundation for shipping to underpin a carbon neutral future with the demonstration of deployable zero-emission solutions suitable for all main ship types and services by 2030
  • European industrial battery value chain (New European partnership) to develop world-class European research and innovation system on batteries, with a view towards European industrial leadership. Develop a coherent strategic programme, in cooperation with industry and research community, substantially contributing to fulfilling the Paris Agreement, and enhance the competitiveness of current and emerging European industries along the battery value chain.
  • Transforming Europe's rail system (built on Shit2Rail JU) to define, design and implement the full spectrum of rail research and innovation activities, from fundamental research to large-scale demos, to trigger a major transformation of the railway system as the backbone of an integrated and sustainable mobility in Europe, maximising socio-economic benefits.


  • Global competitive space systems (New European partnership) to perform Pfast and structured advances on selected innovative critical space systems research and innovation roadmaps such as for example reusability, in orbit demonstration, assembly and manufacturing, so as to acquire global industrial leadership

Health and pharmaceuticals

  • Innovative Health Initiative (built on IMI JU) to contribute to the objectives defined in the Beating Cancer Plan, Industrial Strategy for Europe and Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.


  • High performance computing (build on EuroHPC JU) to establish an integrated world-class supercomputing & data infrastructure and to support a highly competitive and innovation HPC and Big Data ecosystem
  • Key Digital Technologies (built on ECSEL JU) to boost digital transformation
  • Smart Networks and Services (built on cPPP 5G) to enable the infrastructure basis in terms of key technologies and deployment for Next-Generation Internet services used by citizens and for "smart" services required by vertical sectors such as transport, energy, manufacturing, health and media
  • AI, data and robotics (built on cPPP Big Data and cPPP Robotic) to help structuring the European AI community, develop a strategic research agenda and federate efforts around a topic that holds great potential to benefit our society and economy.


  • Clean Steel - Low Carbon Steelmaking (build on FCU JU) to Provide a EU critical mass to ensure and in particular to upscale breakthrough technology, facilitate joint vision development, agenda setting and synergies of different EU funds, contribute to the evolution to a programming approach in research and innovation.
  • Carbon Neutral and Circular Industry (built on cPPP SPIRE) to transform European process industries to make them carbon neutral by 2050, to turn them into circular industries together with material and recycling industries, and to enhance their technological leadership at global level and international competitiveness.

Bio-based economy

  • Circular bio-based Europe: Sustainable, inclusive and circular bio-based solutions (build on BBI JU) for sustainable and climate-neutral solutions accelerating the transition to a healthy planet, where renewable products and nutrients will be produced from biomass and waste instead of non-renewable fossil and mineral resources. This creates awareness, capacities and appropriate structures extending beyond industry partners, mobilising producers of biological resources and end-users.
  • Accelerating farming systems transition: agro-ecology living labs&research infrastructures (New European partnership) to grasp short to long-term agroecological processes at landscape level, accelerating the transition towards sustainable climate and environment-friendly farming practices by boosting place-based innovation in a co-creative environment, fostering adoption of innovation by farmers and other actors.
  • Animal health: Fighting infectious diseases (New European Partnership) to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to tackle infectious animal diseases, including those transmitted between animals and humans (zoonoses) and to contribute to the fight against anti-microbial resistance, implementing the One Health concept. It will support sustainable animal production, reduce trade barriers, and protect consumers
  • Rescuing biodiversity to safeguard life on Earth (New European Partnership)  to halt biodiversity loss, maintaining and restoring natural capital is essential for the transition towards sustainability, climate neutrality and for respecting the planetary boundaries. The partnership aims to deploy solutions to stop the ongoing mass extinction of species caused by human activity by upscaling, aligning and integrating European research and innovation efforts and investment, guiding actions to protect, restore and sustainably manage ecosystems and natural capital.

SMEs, beyond EIC initiatives

  • Innovative SMEs (built on EUROSTARS programme) to support to transnational market-oriented research projects initiated and driven by innovative SMEs. Innovative SMEs shall take the lead and exploit commercially the project results, thus improving their competitive position. Research organisations, universities, other SMEs, large companies and others actors of the innovation chain can also participate.

A Team of skilled and experienced consultants

ARTTIC consultants are skilled and experienced in:

  • Innovative medicine, drugs discovery and well being
  • Culture, creativity and inclusive Society
  • Civil security for society
  • Defence
  • Digital, industry and space
  • Climate, energy and mobility
  • Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

For specific topics on decarbonisation, ARTTIC consultants gather expertise in:

  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
  • Overall electrification of the transport system : road transport, waterborne transport, aeronautics and rail transport
  • European Union Emissions Trading System mobilized to fund commercial demonstration of technologies (small-scale and large-scale projects), particularly: 
    • innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy-intensive industries, including products substituting carbon-intensive ones
    • carbon capture and utilisation (CCU)
    • Construction and operation of carbon capture and storage (CCS)
    • innovative renewable energy generation
    • energy storage


Beyond European funds

National and international grants for research and innovation

National grants

  • France: CIR, JEI, CII, Plan de relance, Programme Investissements d’avenir, etc.
  • Belgium: Flemish or Walloon funds
  • UK (Innovate UK, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) R&T programme, etc.)

International grants

  • NATO programmes
  • UN programmes
  • WIPO programmes, etc.


What ARTTIC can do for you?

ARTTIC has a proven track record in innovation consulting and securing funding with customised services. We can support you with the following services.

Innovation strategy

  • Innovation roadmapping
  • Project definition
  • Scoping potential funding opportunities
  • Feasibility assessment

Innovation funding

  • Proposal writing
  • Project management

Innovation impact

  • dissemination and communication
  • exploitation and business planning
  • stakeholder analysis and engagement


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