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SCINTILLA Public Website launched

Launched in January 2012, the SCINTILLA project gathers 9 partners and aims at building an innovative and comprehensive toolbox of devices and best-of-breed technologies for the enhanced detection and identification of difficult to detect radioactive sources and nuclear material:

·         Dealing with the challenge of masked and shielded material

·         Developing effective solutions, which are reliable, portable/mobile and cost effective

·         Finding a reliable replacement for Helium-3, which is the major consumable for today's RPM (Radiation Portal Monitors) devices for neutron detection and has become close to unavailable in the European Union.

SCINTILLA will contribute to minimize the risk of radioactive sources dissemination.

Want to learn more about the SCINTILLA project? Visit our website at www.scintilla-project.eu!

You’ll find all about the project, its objectives and structure, its funding, partners and latest news.