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Saab Aeronautics thanks ARTTIC for LOCOMACHS first period

From Maria Weiland, Director Business Development R&D at Saab Aeronautics, “ARTTIC is a core partner for the LOCOMACHS project coordinated by Saab Aeronautics. Thanks to the quality of ARTTIC services, methods and tools as well as the commitment of its skilled team, a strong cooperation has been established within the project. Since the development of the project proposal, ARTTIC accurate advice and support in the set-up of the project and the partnership have been valuable elements very well recognised and appreciated. This is ensuring a successful and smooth progression towards objectives with our 31 partners from 10 countries focused on the scientific and technical aspects of the work”

LOCOMACHS (LOw COst Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures) is a collaborative research and development project, gathering 31 European partners. The final demonstrations of this large project will be showcased at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry (UK), in the beginning of 2016. More information on the LOCOMACHS project on www.locomachs.eu