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Polish TV coverage of C-BORD project

As part of its field test campaign, C-BORD partners have deployed prototypes for enhanced X-ray imaging, passive radiation detection and evaporation based detection at Deepwater Container Terminal Gdańsk.

© National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)

© National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)

In the image above, Polish customs officers from the Tax Administration Chamber in Gdańsk direct a cargo container through two sets of Radiation Portal Monitors developed by Symetrica and CEA, then scanning by the Smiths Detection mobile X-ray trailer.

Following the field test of a mobile checkpoint scenario at a Hungarian-Serbian land border in May, testing of the rapidly relocatable checkpoint scenario continues at DCT Gdańsk through the month of June, and will be followed by a last field test of the full suite of five technologies (adding tagged neutron inspection and photo-fission) in a fixed installation scenario in Rotterdam in September.

C-BORD demonstrates that the advanced technologies used in combination can provide more complete information to the customs analyst and improve non-intrusive inspection processes to stop the trafficking of dangerous or illegal goods which could harm citizens, while facilitating the flow of legitimate commercial cargo across borders. Researchers working together with Customs and industry will assess the technologies individually, and, importantly, the added value of combining technologies, thus exploiting their complementary strengths, with data visualisation in a single user interface.

ARTTIC is pleased to collaborate on C-BORD and to see this exciting project come to fruition.

See video of the Gdańsk field test. Registration for the final public workshop on 9th October 2018 in Rotterdam will open shortly and details can be found on the C-BORD website.