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H2020 VICTORIA Project Video Analytics challenge

The H2020 VICTORIA Security Project is organising its Video Analytics challenge from 02/12/2019 till 28/02/2020.

ARTTIC European leader in consultancy and management services for Research and Technological Development

Audio/video analysis technology developers/providers/researchers are invited to test and benchmark their algorithms and furthermore to develop the necessary plug-ins for these to communicate with the open Video Analysis Platform (VAP) on VICTORIA datasets.

The VAP is an open and flexible platform designed to support analytic tools from third parties with varied features. This new platform is available in a cloud server during the challenge for testing and integration.

Prizes will reward best challengers: first plugins successfully integrated into the VAP, most innovative algorithms, best algorithms scores on dedicated challenges (persons/cars detection and tracking, audio detection)… A special prize will reward challengers of several challenges, mostly including plugin integration.

More information on https://cmt.eurtd.com/events/event/view/220180/victoria-analytics-contest-event