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FP7 projects HAIC, SAFUEL, STORM in Cordis Results Pack

The recently completed EU-funded FP7 projects HAIC, SAFUEL and STORM are profiled in the Cordis Results Pack “Lifting off for safer aviation in Europe” which highlights projects contributing research and innovations for increasing aviation safety.  

SAFUEL contributes design rules for a safer fuel system against icing conditions and metal-free gauging prototypes for reducing fire hazard. SAFUEL Coordinator Bruno Reynard of Zodiac Aerospace is interviewed in the article which focuses on exploitable outcomes including the water-in-fuel sensor and the icing test bench. Further information can be found at http://safuel-fp7.eu/

STORM provides advanced simulation methods to better understand engine component behaviour under icing conditions, thus enabling improvements to aero-propulsive systems design.

HAIC has developed new sensor technology for aircraft to detect and avoid high-altitude ice crystals, a weather phenomenon which can be potentially hazardous to aircraft.

Congratulations to the teams on the successful completion of their projects!