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EU Green Deal - Focus on Farm-to-Fork

The European Commission has launched a call for projects supporting the Farm-to-Fork Strategy – one of the eight thematic areas of the EU Green Deal. The aim of the Green Deal is to transform Europe's economy for a sustainable future, making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The ambition of the Green Deal call is in line with the scale of the challenge: nearly €1 billion are on the table to finance research and innovation that will drive the necessary environmental, social and economic transformations.

ARTTIC European leader in consultancy and management services for Research and Technological Development

Farm-to-Fork budget

The Farm-to-Fork call is part of "LC-GD-6-1-2020 Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm-to-Fork Strategy", with a budget of 74 million euros of the 983 million euros available under the Green Deal programme.


The call closes on 26th of January 2021.

The Green Deal Action Plan

The European Green Deal programme has defined two specific objectives in its action plan:

  • to encourage and promote the sustainable use of resources, moving towards a non-polluting and circular economy
  • restoring and preserving biodiversity while reducing environmental pollution

The objectives of Farm-to-Fork

The Farm to Fork strategy focuses on the achievement of a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

More specifically, it aims at:

  • ensuring sustainable food production and consumption
  • facilitating the transition to healthy and sustainable diets
  • ensuring food security
  • stimulating sustainable food processing, wholesale and retail and food service practices
  • reducing food waste and spoilage
  • combating food fraud throughout the food supply chain

Conditions of application

The consortium must include at least three independent legal entities, established in an EU Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020.

PNO Consultants France and ARTTIC have joined forces to deliver services covering the complete innovation cycle, from strategy to implementation, while maximising technical and sectoral complementarities. An unrivalled expertise, attested by over 120 successful Horizon 2020 proposals in the transport, health, security, energy, food and bioeconomy fields; three decades of experience serving a portfolio of 400 clients; and a strong European presence through our offices in Paris, Toulouse, Derby (UK) and Brussels make PNO Consultants France and ARTTIC sound partners to advise your organisation in the financing, set-up and management of research and innovation projects.

Nathalie Authelet-de Fleury, PNO Consultants France