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Breaking news --- ARTTIC takes over GABO:mi

Paris, France / Munich, Germany – July 1, 2016

In pursuit of continuing high quality service delivery, ARTTIC has completed its takeover of GABO:mi.

“The GABO:mi people, who are joining us, strengthen ARTTIC’s position as European market leader” said Christian Baumhauer, the President of ARTTIC. “Our combined excellent knowledge and experience will provide us with the means to expand services, deliver deeper support for more proposals and projects. This is great news for our clients and our people. This will allow ARTTIC to further sharpen its strategic focus on providing mission-critical services."

GABO:mi is a German company with a strong track record of successful projects in biological sciences. In addition to the strengthening of ARTTIC’s leadership in consultancy and management services for European research and technology-related partnerships, this takeover also reinforces ARTTIC resources in Germany, especially in the Horizon 2020 fields for health, demographic change and wellbeing.

As part of the takeover, responsibility for supporting 30 projects and 20 employees will be transferred to ARTTIC. In addition, ARTTIC is acquiring :milliarium, a web-based project management tool developed and used by GABO:mi for the management of European projects, especially H2020 and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

About GABO:mi

Founded in 2005, GABO:mi gained extensive expertise with diverse EU funding instruments and managed more than 45 medium- and large-scale collaborative projects in FP7, Horizon 2020 and IMI.

GABO:mi was ranked on place 3 among the TOP SMEs in the Final FP7 Monitoring Report in March 2015, being the best German enterprise in this list. Additionally, GABO:mi was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 obliging for excellence in cooperation with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

As ARTTIC, the GABO:mi team has widespread experience in the management of European projects. The project managers are familiar with the structures of research institutions and with their governing principles. With their expertise and overview they are a perfect partner to shoulder all management and dissemination tasks a successful European project requires.


ARTTIC assists clients from all business and research sectors, small and large, private and public, to ensure the success of their collaborative research & innovation ventures. During close to 30 years of success, ARTTIC developed and demonstrated expertise in the set-up and management of more than 300 large-scale ambitious projects of which 44 already successful under H2020 first calls, Clean Sky calls included. Based on its long-standing experience in a range of funding programmes across scientific and technological domains, ARTTIC helps clients to move from strategic plans to effective competitive research and development of innovative solutions, resulting in successful applications and high-performance businesses.

Founded in Paris in 1987, ARTTIC is now a group of companies with main offices in France (Paris and Toulouse), Germany (Munich and Berlin), Belgium (Brussels), England (Derby) and Israel (Tel Aviv). In 2015, ARTTIC has been ranked first SME in Europe by the European Commission considering the number of grant agreements signed by ARTTIC.